2TeT Jazz Aspects to Play at 2017 Food Wine and Jazz Twilight Market

Rob and Dale from 2Tet in bathurst will be floating delicious Jazz tunes over Memorial Park and Gaskill St at this year’s Twilight Market.

2 TeT is Rob Shannon: Guitar ( Arabesk’, Straight Back fellows, Def Yeti ), and Dale Tuckey: Sax’s (Dale Edwards Quintet, EQD, House Band ).

2Tet play a wide brush stroke of Jazz, from classic Popular Jazz, Gypsy Jazz and Modern Jazz. They have been performing together for nearly a decade now, and have created a connection that is evident in the music. This is the heart of the art form, the essence of what makes improvised music so exciting. From the pumping drive of Django’s “Minor Swing” to the loose Blues of Coltrane’s Equinox, this is a sweet taste of Australian Jazz, and Straight from Central West NSW.

Rob shared some recordings with us just to get you in the mood… You can play them here:

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